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Address: 7. Şht. Üsteğmen Ünal Genç Street, Marmara, 99010, Nicosia / North Cyprus
Tel: +90 392 227 5783     E-mail: info@cquals.com

Address: 17/2, Fevayit Ali Street, 99300, Kyrenia / North Cyprus
Tel: +90 392 815 4010     E-mail: info@cquals.com
CQUALS prides itself on the quality of teaching we offer. All of our teachers are highly qualified, experienced and trained in the communicative method of teaching.

CQUALS offers education programs developed to meet the needs of students of all ages and levels along the lines of CEFR. Candidate students first sit a placement test, which aims at establishing their levels.
In Cooperation With
Ferdiye Ersoy, BEd MA PhD (UK) is an academician as well as linguistics and education specialist with 25 years of experience. Dr. Ersoy is also the Honorary Cultural Attache for France and is in collaboration with European institutions on a number of projects.

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