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Address: 7. Şht. Üsteğmen Ünal Genç Street, Marmara, 99010, Nicosia / North Cyprus
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Address: 17/2, Fevayit Ali Street, 99300, Kyrenia / North Cyprus
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Cquals is a language services company that serves its students on a global scale. As emerging markets continue to drive the demand for new products and services, the need for language services, translation, localization, language learning and interpreting will increase exponentially. Cquals is here to help you communicate effectively in all languages.

Our translation and localization services provide you with localized documentation, software and marketing collateral and our language and cross-cultural training programs prepare your staff for international assignments and negotiations.

We offer a range of professional language services including: Translation, Technical Services, Consulting, Language Learning Solutions, Culture Training and Interpreting. From technical documentation and software to marketing collateral and websites, Cquals partners with our students to ensure that they are successful in their international markets.
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