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Drama activities play a crucial role in child development, no matter what their ambitions or desires are for the future. Students of Drama do not need to have a desire to become actors or performers to receive all its benefits.

Drama stimulates self-confidence, communication, responsibility, focus & concentration, critical and creative thinking plus problem solving. The various team building activities promote teamwork & collaboration, empathy, emotional intelligence and leadership which can be directly applied to whatever life path they choose in the future.

Drama enhances a child's ability to interact with the world in an open minded and creative way, providing essential tools for their day to day life of the present and the future. 

From an early age children naturally start to question everything they experience and start to discover their personalities through interaction. Drama encourages this exploration by providing a framework of games and exercises where children can challenge and go beyond conditioned and preconceived perceptions and beliefs, and gives them a chance to explore other points of view and come to personal conclusions, unique to themselves.

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