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Address: 7. Şht. Üsteğmen Ünal Genç Street, Marmara, 99010, Nicosia / North Cyprus
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Address: 17/2, Fevayit Ali Street, 99300, Kyrenia / North Cyprus
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1. Programs for early-in-career professionals
C-Quals Quality Academy offers early, in career professionals and recent university graduates the opportunity to build necessary skills such as leadership, time management, conflict management etc.

2. Institutional development programs
Each company, culture and industry has unique training needs. C-Quals offers Professional Development Programs tailored to your company's learning needs. After an assessment period, C-Quals Cyprus Quality Academy determines your company's key points for improvement and prepares a program for your company.
Modules may include:
- Leadership
- Relationship Skills
- Team Work
- Communication Skills
- Conflict Management
- Managing change
- Delegating for productivity
- Running effective meetings

3. Professional Development for Teachers
C-Quals Cyprus Quality Academy provides ELT Teachers with quality educatıon products in cooperation with Pilgrims and Pilgrims specialist teacher trainers as well as British Council, Institut Français and its own CELTA trainers.

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