CQuals is a language services company that serves its students on a global scale. As emerging markets continue to drive the demand for new products and services, the need for language services, translation, localization, language learning and interpreting will increase exponentially. CQuals is here to help you communicate effectively in all languages.

Our translation and localization services provide you with localized documentation, software and marketing collateral and our language and cross-cultural training programs prepare your staff for international assignments and negotiations.

We offer a range of professional language services including: translation, consulting, language learning solutions, culture training and interpreting.
Our translation and interpretation services provide you with localized and certified documentation and our language and cross-cultural training programmes prepare your staff for international assignments and performance.

  • CQuals Language School works closely with its’ students to guide them towards a successful career.
  • CQuals Language School is here to help you communicate effectively in your target language(s).
  • CQuals Language School is a way of life offering language with elements of culture

Meet Our Team

1. Dr.Ferdiye Ersoy – Director and Founder
2. Emel Bodnar – French Coordinator, Vice Director
3. Tanya Güryel – English and Storytelling
4. Charlene Erica – English Teacher
5. Yaren Eriz – Turkish and Greek Teacher
6. Funda Ayhan – PA Kyrenia
7. Hasan Çaltinoğlu – PA Nicosia
8. Hüseyin Saygıneren – English Teacher
9. Gladys Quintana – Spanish teacher
10. Ceren Beşgül – English Teacher
11. Bingül Küçük – German Teacher
12. Şengül Yazaroğlu – French Teacher
13. Kaycan Buran – French Teacher
14.  Kim Avdji – English Coordinator – La Petite École
15.  Lucy Hodges – Forest School and French – La Petite École



Assistant Director

Funda Ayhan

UK born Turkish Cypriot. Studied Food Science, Technology and Home Economics. EU studies. 

Worked for the UK Civil Service for over 20 years as a Higher Executive Officer, Policy Advisor and National Expert on EU Quality Foods Scheme. Relocated to North Cyprus in 2017.


Yaren Eriz


  • Turkish (native)
  • Greek (C1)
  • English (B2)
  • German (A1)

Faculty of Educational Sciences (Ongoing)
International Final University
Special Education Teaching

Pedagogical Formation 2019
Ataturk Teacher Academy

Bachelor of Art 2018
Ankara University
Department of Modern Greek Language and Literature

Certificate of Greek Language (C1) 2018
University of Cyprus (South Nicosia)




Tanya Güryel

I’m Tanya, I studied English and American Literature in London, where I am originally from. I then taught English in Spain before coming to continue in Cyprus. I’m especially interested in developing story telling for Second language English users. 




Charlene Erica Dushime

BA in English Language and Literature