Vedat Bakış

Vedat came to us without knowing much English or French. With his hard work he has learned English and French to very high levels and got into the top schools in North Cyprus and now studies Architecture in Australia.


Gizem Öznacar

Gizem studied for English, French and Turkish IGCSE’s and A’level at CQuals. She is currently studying Gastronomy in Zurich.


Sine Özkaraşahin

Sine- was our school’s first ever French language student who sat the DELF exam and achieved a high grade that enabled her to carry her further studies in French in France where she is currently completing her Masters degree at Sciences Po- Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Paris.

Toyan Kanbur

Toyan Kanbur

Toyan obtained an A* in his French IGCSE after attending French lessons at CQuals with our native speaker teachers. He is planning to continue his further studies in Europe in the academic year 2020-2021.


Onur Dosi

Onur started with a A1 level of French at CQuals where he managed to pass level B2 DELF in a period of two years and is now able to start at first year at any French speaking university anywhere around the world, in particular in France. This is a major achievement for a student for whom French is his third or even fourth language in such a short time.

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Sofia & Pheobe

Sofia and Phoebe came to Cyprus from Philippines without knowing a word of French or Turkish. After their hard work and dedication, they have learnt both languages passing the DELF exam in French with remarkably high grades and beginning to interact with Turkish speakers both at school and outside.

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Onat Ataman

Onat obtained a very high score in SAT after his passage at CQuals and is currently studying in the United States. Onat is also a Certified Flight Instructor (CIF) AT Purdue University. Cem Gümüşdağ Cem obtained a very rare high score of 8.5 in his IELTS exam and is currently studying at Birmingham University, UK.

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Ali and Can Ertuğ

These wonderful twins were the first ever students from North Cyprus to sit and pass the DELF Prim A1.1 for primary school students. They are currently preparing for further studies in Europe.